Sheer Bikinis - The glorious feeling of the Sheer Bikini- Wear these transparent swimsuits with confidence.


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Sheer Bikinis with all of their alluring qualities.  Slip into one of these sensuous sheer bikinis and look out.  When dry, these magnificent bikinis will make a statement that won't be soon forgotten. You silhouette will be imprinted in a subtle yet sexy manner.  Add a little water and its a whole new ball game. Depending on the color, sheer bikini swimsuits will have unique levels of transparency. Darker colors tend to be less see through while lighter colors tend to be more lucent. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles. Perfect for a romantic night with you partner or an evening stroll on the  beach. Sheer Bikinis are almost to hot to handle.


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Product description: Stunning Sheer Bikinis in a wide range of fabulous colors

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