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Sheer Bikinis are truly the most incredibly sexy bikini of all. Discover the sexy alluring effects of sheer bikinis and why they are becoming so popular.

Sheer Bikinis- The See Through Effect

When comparing the translucency or see through ability of sheer bikinis of identical fabrics and fabric thickness when the fabric is wet, color plays a major role. The chart below is an easy reference when shopping for sheer bikinis. White is obviously the most transparent with blue then black at the left and red then black at the right offing the least amount of transparency or see through capability.

Color Plays a Major Role in the Transparency Level of a Sheer Bikini
Color Plays a Major Role in the Transparency Level of a Sheer Bikini Color Plays a Major Role in the Transparency Level of a Sheer Bikini
Sheer Bikinis - Transparency Level by Color When Wet

Fabric and Sheer Bikinis

When it comes to fabric and sheer bikinis, cotton and gauze are considerably clingier than their popular cousin Nylon/Lycra. In all cases when these bikinis are dry they are not see through, in the light to medium transparency color levels, the bikini will exhume a stunning silhouette but will not be totally see through or opaque. However when the sheer bikini becomes wet, depending on the thickness of the fabric and color it will become see thru and further, gauze and cotton will not only become see through but will cling to your skin similar to a wet tee shirt. As an example, think of a white tee shirt, when it is wet it is very clingy and depending on its thickness is for the most part see through. This is exactly how a cotton or gauze sheer bikini reacts.

Nylon/Lycra sheer bikinis react slight different. The Nylon/Lycra does not cling to your skin, it is design to be form fitting. A white Nylon/Lycra will not show nearly as much as a cotton or gauze sheer bikini.


Below is an example of a sheer white halter bikini dry then wet

Below is an example of a sheer white halter bikini dry then wet

Why are Sheer Bikinis so Popular

Sheer bikinis have grown in popularity for a number of reasons. This first is that women are looking for an alternative to the thong and g string bikini that has equally seductive attributes and can compete with the thong bikini yet is unique.sheer bikinis

Secondly, sheer bikinis can offer more control if required. Thongs offer absolutely no control what so ever but bikinis manufactured out of sheer products can offer a great deal of control for example the full halter bikini above. This sheer bikini offers control yet is incredibly sexy.

Thirdly, when sheer bikinis are dry they only cast a silhouette or in some cases are slightly see thru which leaves a little more to the imagination yet look amazing. In other words, sheer bikinis cause passer buyers to take a second look because they actually offer limited see thru effects when dry.

Many women love sheer bikinis for romantic nights with their partners in hot tubs and pools. They are an incredibly sexy addition to any romantic night at the resort, backyard pool, hot tub or cottage.

Sheer Bikinis manufactured from cotton are incredibly comfortable, sexy and really clingy when wet, take for example the white sheer cotton string bikini to the right. This bikini is not see thru when it is dry yet becomes a show piece when it is wet.

This skin tone sheer bikinis are another really stunning addition to this yearís lineup. They look incredible on all skin tones and really give the appearance of natural beauty. They disclose the most beautiful silhouette yet are only slightly see thru when dry but are fully see thru when wet.

Sheer bikinis are not for everyone. They are however not only spectacular on the beach or in the privacy of your backyard hot tub but are incredibly sexy.

sheer bikini swimwear


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