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Resort Wear - What to wear on a Resort Vacation


A typical resort vacation is seven to ten days with some extending out as far as two weeks.

Plan for a successful vacation -Make a travel list

You will typically have limited luggage on the plane unless you want to pay extra so careful planning is in order to ensure you have enough outfits for the day and night. Wearing the same dress twice will never be noticed if you accessorize it differently. Bring a minimum of two swimsuits, three is safer in case you damage one.


resort wear


Resort Wear - For the most part, unlike a cruise, resort vacations are fairly casual and the dress codes are very limited which gives you a great deal of freedom when it comes to your dress code.


We will go into more detail below but here the resort wear basics:

  • Shorts or bikini cover up and top for breakfast.

  • Bikini or swimsuit all day.

  • Lunch - Bikinis or swimsuits are typically acceptable for outdoor patio restaurants at the resort but cover ups are required with footwear for the indoor restaurants.

  • A comfy cover up as the sun starts to drop over the horizon.

  • A sexy dress for dinner and evening wear.

  • Depending on the resort, you may want to pack a sexy dress or outfit for dancing also.

  • Shorts and tops for day trips.


Resort Wear Swimwear


Resort Wear Swimwear

Swimwear restrictions are very limited at your typical resort. For the most part topless is acceptable on the beach but not on the immediate grounds or around the pool regions.

Thongs and G strings are also acceptable and pretty much common place, but the resort does prefer you wear a cover up when walking around the resort, tanning in a thong or g string around the pool area is acceptable but out of respect stay away from the family and children's pools. When on the beach, you are good to go and can freely stroll anywhere.


Resort Bikinis

Resort bikinis comes in a wide range of styles and patterns. You can choose from the tiniest sexy string bikini to a full coverage elegant control bikini. I any case it's all about what you will be comfortable wearing and your personal exposure level.

Choose from minimal coverage, moderate coverage or full coverage. Our resort wear comes in a full range of sizes from petite to plus.

With a full array of styles, you can choose string, scoop, scrunch butt, belted, banded, slimming, sculpting and retro bikini bottoms.

With a host of bikini top options you can mix and match with underwire, push up, bandeau, string, triangle enhancing and sheer bikini tops.

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Resort One Piece Swimsuits

For the more reserved we carry a wide range of sexy one piece swimsuits in a fabulous choice of styles. Again you can choose from minimal to maximum coverage in a host of colors, patterns and styles. Choose from high, mid range or low thigh swimsuits with options like hidden control panels and shelf bras. For the more daring we also carry a stunning selection of sheer and double dip swimsuits that are simply stunning. We carry one piece resort swimwear for all ages and sizes from petite to plus.

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Resort Vacation Thong and G String Bikinis

As we mentioned above, thong and g string bikinis are fully acceptable and common place at southern vacation resorts. Our of respect stay away from the family areas or simply wear a cover up but tanning by the pool and strolling the beach is 100% acceptable.

The thong and g string bikini is no longer a young women's swimsuit. Sales have soared in the 25 to 45 age group especially for resort vacations so don't count this one out as an option. Wearing a thong or g string is an empowering ,liberating feeling. I addition where else can you go and experience wearing a thong or g string bikini where  nobody knows you. You know the old saying, "What happens on vacation stays on vacation".

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tankini bikinis for your resort vacation


Resort Tankini Bikinis

The tankini bikini has become extremely popular in the last few years, mainly driven by concern over sun exposure. We have a beautiful selection of tankini bikinis for your resort vacation.

Choose from petite to plus sizes in a wide range of colors and patterns. We offer control lined tankinis to help smooth things out to sheer and scandalous tankinis depending on your taste. many of our tankinis offer extra support and built in shelf bras too.

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resort vacation cover ups

Resort Vacation Cover Ups

Cover ups are a key ingredient to a safe and happy vacation. In the Southern hemisphere the sun is much stronger then in the north and you will burn quickly, in addition a cover up will help avoid the possibility of sun stroke which will ruin your vacation and have you bed ridden for a number of days with sever nausea and a pounding headache or worse.

In any case cover ups give you the freedom to roam around the resort without feeling over exposed.

You can choose from comfy soft cover ups to sexy sheer cover ups, in all cases you will look amazing and be protected at the same time

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resort vacation dresses


Dresses for Resort Vacations

It's always good to have a couple of cool yet sexy dresses for lounging around, covering up from the sun, trips to town or a stroll on the beach in the evening. Make sure that you dress is made of fabric that will breath and keep you cool.

You can choose from short flirty type dresses to gorgeous long flowing dresses, in any case you are going to look amazing on your resort vacation.

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dresses for resort vacations


Packing for your Resort Vacation


  •       *            Passport

  •       *            Drivers licence is a good idea in case you lose your passport

  •       *            Money in the correct currency

  •       *            Put some funds away if it is required when you leave the country


Visit a Doctor that specializes in Travel

The doctor will give you all of the necessary vaccinations for the region you are traveling too

In addition he can give you medication to proactively avoid nausea and diarrhea caused by local bugs sometimes called Montezuma’s Revenge


  •       *            Tylenol/Advil

  •       *            Motion sickness

  •       *            Prescription medications if required

  •       *            Sunburn creams

  •       *            Nausea medication

  •       *            Sunscreen



  •       *            Swimwear – minimum of two suggest three

  •       *            Cover ups

  •       *            Minimum of two sun or evening dresses

  •       *            Comfortable cool daytime cloths for shopping and going to town

  •       *            Sandals

  •       *            Running shoes

  •       *            Heels for dinner dress

  •       *            Makeup

  •       *            Hat

General Items Resort Items

  •       *            Hair dryer-resort hairdryers are typically small

  •       *            Shampoo

  •       *            Hair Conditioner-salt water and ocean spray will dry your hair

  •       *            Body wash

  •       *            Electrical adapters- may be required on foreign cruise lines

  •       *            Extra sunglasses

  •       *            Portable radio/CD player

  •       *            Bottle corker

  •       *            Camera

Cell phone-. A word of caution however, check with your cell phone service provider before using your cell phone in foreign country Many countries have different regulations pertaining to privacy and your personal information could be at risk.

Compliments of Tropical Beach Fashions

You can download the Resort Vacation Packing List here in PDF form




Final Words of Advice for your Resort Vacation

  1. 1)       Pack a carry-on bag with one outfit, a swimsuit and your essentials. Luggage does get lost and if you have the minimum basics with you, shopping for a couple of essentials while you are waiting for your luggage to show up will not be as stressful. Most important, don't let the temporary loss of your luggage ruin your cruise, go with the flow, it will usually show up on the next flight.

  2. 2)      Lock your wallet and passport in the room safe and only keep enough money on you that you intend to spend.

  3. 3)      Use a hidden pouch to keep your money out of plain view.

  4. 4)      When on day trips, keep your clothing simple, t-shirts with funny sayings or logos might not only be offensive to the local community but advertise you are a tourist.

  5. 5)      Don't wear extravagant jewelry when you are away from the resort. This will attract unwanted attention and cold have a disastrous outcome.

  6. 6)      When sightseeing, be careful when entering churches and temples, many will enforce a strict dress code so long shorts, loose skirts and tops with long sleeves are the safest approach.

  7. 7)      Last but not least, relax, enjoy and respect other resort guests. Many people meet lifelong friends at resorts. The combined experience of open ocean air and daily cocktails will make your vacation a memorable one.

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