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About the fabric used to manufacture Sheer Bikinis, Sheer Swimwear, Sheer Bathing Suits

The fabric used to manufacture sheer bikinis, sheer swimsuits and sheer swimwear is a nylon lycra based fabric. This material is extremely resilient. 98% of all womenís swimwear is made from this amazing fabric however when it is used to manufacture a sheer swimsuit, the weave is much finer allowing the material to be much thinner then a normal swimsuit thus allowing the sheer effect.   

sheer bikiniThe term sheer swimwear is for the most part misunderstood. Because a swimsuit is sheer does not necessarily mean that it is see through. Some swimsuits are somewhat see through when they are dry where as some are not and only a mild silhouette is visible. The level of translucency is dependent on a number of factors.

First and foremost is the fabric thickness, the thinner and finer the weave, the more see through or transparent the swimsuit will be. Second is the color, color plays a big part in the degree of transparency. Typically the darker the color, the less transparent the bikini or swimsuit will be.  The lighter the color the more transparent it will be but again the thickness of the fabric plays a key role.

For the most part the same goes when a swimsuit is wet, the sheer fabric becomes very clingy when moisture is added and becomes see through to some degree.

Below we will show you some examples of sheer bathing suits and bikinis to give you a visual perception of the transparency levels of sheer swimsuit colors and fabrics

Before we move on however there is one more type of sheer swimsuit that needs to be addressed. Gauze bikinis and swimsuits are in a class of their own. Gauze swimwear has a limited translucency level when dry however, when a gauze swimsuit becomes wet, it has about 75% opacity, in other words you can see completely through the fabric unless it is lined.


Slightly See Through When Wet TankiniSlightly See Through Tankini When Wet

Sheer White TankiniOur first example is a white sheer Tankini. This Tankini is not see through when it is dry but is slightly see through when it is wet. The sheer Lyrca fabric is slightly thicker on this swimsuit allowing about 20% opacity. The bikini bottom has a typical bikini lining. This style of sheer bikini is the most popular because under normal conditions it is not see through but has a beautiful silhouette yet when it is wet, it is ever so slightly see through giving a beautiful stunning effect. This is the most popular style of sheer swimwear fabric.


Net Lyrca Sheer Bikinisheer bikini made of black lyrca netting

sheer net bikini blackThe next example of a sheer bikini or swimsuit is the Lyrca net style of sheer swimsuit. This style of sheer swimsuit is sheer wet or dry. It is basically a very light weaving of fabric very similar to a net or spider web.  The material is always see through and does not change under wet conditions. This style of swimsuit leaves a lasting impression however does not leave much to the imaginations and is not necessarily welcome at public beaches or resorts.  With this said at the right resort or at home with a loved one, it  perfect for a night in the hot tub. One advantage to this bikini is that the fabric has tan through capabilities which is an added bonus for sun worshipers. While this bikini is absolutely stunning it is not readily acceptable everywhere.


Gauze Sheer Bikinis and Gauze Sheer Bathing Suits

gauze bikinis sheerSheer Gauze bikinis and swimsuits are uniquegauze sheer tonga bikini simply because gauze is typically not see through when it is dry, but as soon as water is added, it becomes extremely clingy and transparent. Gauze fabric becomes extremely clingy when it is wet and further becomes entirely transparent to the degree of upwards of 85% transparent. The gauze bikini is extremely sexy when dry and becomes a true showpiece when it is wet.

If you are truly looking for a sheer bikini or swimsuit when it is wet then the gauze bikini is the best answer. It truly leaves a lasting impression as it clings to every curve of your body andSheer guaze transparent bikinis sheer gauze bikini wet see throughbecomes almost entirely transparent with the exception of areas that have a second lining. This style of sheer bikini leaves very little to the imagination when it is wet and is only recommended for the very adventurous woman.


Skin Tone Sheer Bikini Swimsuitskin tone sheer one piece swimsuits

skin tone sheer swimsuitThe skin tone or nude sheer bikini or swimsuit is somewhat different than other colors as it typically is sheer however because of its color, it does not contrast with the skin, it blends with the skin. This factor allows this style of sheer swimsuit to portray a stunning silhouette wet or dry. It is the one color of sheer swimsuit that does not show too much and leaves a great deal to the imagination. Probably the sexiest of all sheer swimsuit colors, this shade of transparency is generally acceptable anywhere simply because now one really know for sure if it is see through or not as most of the appearance is left to the imagination. A truly magnificent sight this color will create a great deal of background conversation but most of the talk is ambiguous as is the sheerness of the swimsuit.

sheer colombian skin tone bikiniThis Colombian skin tone bikini is similar to the above one piece in the sense that it is a neutral skin color allowing it to have all of the benefits of a sheer style swimsuit but not allowing full transparency when wet. It leaves a great deal to the imagination and causes onlookers to take a second look. The skin tone or neutral sheer bikini gives the perfect silhouette and is a very sexy style of sheer swimsuit that will cause  heads to turn and potential additional attention.

The one thing that women agree on is that the sheer bikini or sheer swimsuit feels absolutely amazing when it is worn. The sheer fabric feels like satin against the skin and further the sheer material allows your skin to breath making the bikini feel cool at all times


Typical Sheer Swimsuitsheer yellow swimwear wet

yellow sheer swimwearThe typical sheer bathing suit that most swimwear stores carry are of the colored version with only slight opacity when they are dry. The typical sheer bikini or swimsuit is more of a body hugging sexy swimsuit. The sheer fabric is of a medium thickness so it is sheer enough to show every curve in your body yet thick enough that you cannot see through it. Further when it is wet, the transparency level is only about 25% leaving a great deal to the imagination of onlookers. For the average women, this sheer style of swimsuit is perfect. It looks stunning at all times an only casts a shadow of what lies beneath the sheer fabric.pink sheer swimsuit wet

pink sheer swimsuit dryIn most cases this is the style of sheer swimsuit or sheer bikini that you will see at beaches and resorts. It shows enough to be stunning and super sexy yet does not show enough to give it all away. In addition this sheer style is completely safe to wear to the pool bar in its dry state without anyone gossiping except that the woman is wearing an incredibly sexy swimsuit. In any case this style of sheer bikini or sheer one piece swimsuit is simply stunning.


Sheer Double Dip One Piece Swimsuitdouble dip sheer one piece swimsuit wet

double dip sheer one piece swimsuit dryAs mentioned earlier, the degree of transparency is dependent upon two key factors, thickness and density of the fabric and color. This sheer double dip one piece swimsuit is a perfect example. The fabric is slightly thicker and the color is not dark yet it is dark enough to cover skin tone differences in your body. In essence this sheer one piece looks amazing but is only ever so slightly sheer when it is wet giving more of a physique outline than anything else.



Standard Sheer One Piece Swimsuit with High Thighsexample of a white sheer swimsuit wet

example of a white sheer swimsuit dryIf you want to see something really stunning, the high thigh sheer one piece swimsuit in white is truly a swimwear marvel. This swimsuit is typically manufactured from the standard sheer Lyrca fabric and has all of the attributes of any standard sheer white swimsuit however it is the way the swimsuit is cut that makes the difference. With high cut thighs and a plunging front neckline, this combination makes for a super sexy look.


The Lined Sheer Bikinifully lined sheer swimsuit

lined sheer bikiniThe sheer lined bikini is typically called a smoking mirror bikini because of its skin toned lining. The outer layer is made of your typical sheer fabric giving all of the same clingy effects however the one difference is that this bikini has second sheer lining. At no time is this style of swimsuit see through however to onlookers, it appears they can see through it because of the sheer skin toned inner lining. This bikini can cause quite a stir in a crowd as it takes a second, third possibly a fourth look before your eyes are convinced that you really canít see through it.


The Original White Sheer One Piece Swimsuitwhite sheer swimsuit wet

shite sheer swimwear dryThe original white sheer bikini or one piece swimsuit was and is truly a magnificent site. Slightly sheer when dry, it becomes 90% sheer when wet. When the suit is dry, it casts a beautiful semi sheer silhouette of the torso that is incredibly sexy. When the suit is wet, it becomes entirely translucent leaving little to the imagination. Typically this style of sheer swimwear is made from a combination of cotton and nylon allowing it to cling to every inch of the body becoming one with the womanís curves and skin. It moves with the body giving a truly sheer effect second to none.white sheer Brazilian Bikini wet

white sheer colombian bikini wetIf you are looking for a truly sheer swimsuit then this is the suit for you. This style of swimsuit is safe to wear just about anywhere when it is dry as it looks simply amazing in a dry state. It casts a mysterious outlook that not even a g string or thong bikini can match yet when it is wet the outcome is yet further alluring as you can see by the photos. In the case of the cotton/nylon combination sheer bikini or swimsuit little is left to the imagination except where there may be a second inner lining.


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